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Clean Energy Technologies

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We provide assistance to developers and various types of commercial, industrial or institutional energy users and cover a complete range of technologies.

Full scope of project development services

  • Solar PV (off-grid or grid-connected)
  • Floating Solar

Renewable & clean energy feasibility analysis for:

  • Solar
    • Solar photovoltaic (off-grid, grid connected, roof top, land based or floating solar)
    • Solar water heating (solar domestic hot water, commercial and industrial applications, solar hydronic floor heating)
    • Solar air heating (pre-ventilation, process heat)
    • Passive solar buildings
  • Wind
    • Off-grid
    • Grid-conneced
      • On-shore
      • Off-shore
  • Bioenergy
    • Biomass & biogas
    • Combined Heat and Power (Cogeneration and Trigeneration)
  • Earth Energy:
    • Ground source heat pumps (residential, commercial/institutional)
  • Hydro
    • Small and Mini hydro
    • Ocean Energy: Wave and Tidal