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Residential Real Estate

Residential - Single and Multi-unit

Our pilot residential building is a triplex located within 30 minutes of Canada's national capital region. This building offers the ability to operate off-grid and combines various optional features for larger multi-unit development . The pilot building features an urban style low impact and low noise vertical axis wind turbine, an aquaponics system located in the veranda adjacent to the house, a natural pool, clean and sustainable (salt solution) batteries that outlive and outperform traditional battery chemistries, inter seasonal storage of heat in a large stratified insulated cistern located in the building and combined with a water source heat pump that distributes heat through hydronic floors. A solar thermal/biomass heated greenhouse with hydronic piping in the ground and water efficient drip irrigation is to be used to produce vegetables all winter, and the project also features an urban forest and community garden.

The projects we develop ensure walkability, safe bicycle lanes and paths, electric car sharing and recharging, green (multi-level when possible) parking lots. They to be served by electric school bus routes, and electric mini-bus services to downtown. The design integrates urban gardens and seek to attract community services and green businesses including organic local food stores and restaurants, artisan shops, green product retail outlets, health and recreation facilities, industries such as compressed earth brick manufacturing and other businesses related to low impact sustainable building materials. The design of the developments is to be inspired from the work of people such as UC Berkeley Prof. Christopher Alexander, known for his work on living architecture.

We offer build the option of providing customized active and passive solar tiny houses (with attached greenhouse) to satisfy the needs of  people looking for affordability but want more independence and building mobility versus living in a condo unit attached to the ground.