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Real Estate Overview

A positive energy building is a building that produces more energy than it consumes.

Our real estate projects demonstrate that it is possible, using yesterday's (often forgotten) wisdom and today's technologies, to build sustainable residential, commercial and industrial buildings that produce more energy than they consume, at lower construction and operating costs.

GPEKS buildings feature the lowest operating and maintenance costs (energy, repairs...), while also offering the lowest environmental impact, the healthiest buildings and utmost comfort. This will be made possible thanks to factors such as radiant heat, optimum control of humidity, air movement, sound insulation and air quality. Unlike typical residences which unless rented are a liability (no income, property tax and maintenance cost, loosing value as they age poorly), our buildings are designed to produce cash flow from energy, food and with smart rental space available. 

The building materials chosen feature the lowest possible embodied energy.  The energy used to produce, transport and install typical building materials for a home can account for more than 40 years of energy consumption expected from average buildings (taking into heat, A/C and electricity), and typical home construction results in the destruction of over an acre of forested area per home.

The positive energy buildings are designed to provide enough excess electricity to power one or two electric vehicles travelling a total average of 80 km per day. The EV "fuel" and operating cost will come from the solar roof and will be provided at a fraction of the fuel and operating cost required to operate a typical Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle.

Another main aspect of these homes is that they offer the highest possible level of resilience and protection thanks to an integrated year-round food production system that provides both fish protein and fresh vegetables.

Our approach is based on a totally different paradigm and a new way to develop, finance and build all kinds of buildings. Our residential developments incorporate the concepts used by "intentional communities" where some resources and space are shared through co-housing while offering an optimal balance of privacy. We create communities that go further than LEED Platinum certified buildings by featuring the first real estate developments outside of Europe to feature HQE (High Quality Environment) certified buildings.

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