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Why/benefits: Jardin Regen is not just a place to restore your body through food but a place where your body will be provided nutritional material that is so alive and vibrant that it allows your body to regenerate itself and vibrate with renewed energy, where your soul can feel connected with the earth and inspired by like minded people. Our clients seriously care and demonstrate this through the choices they make regarding the food they eat, the type of business they support, the physical environment and products they treat themselves with, and what type of people they surround themselves with.

Vision: Jardin Regen is to become the greenest type of restaurant in the world, offering not only healthy food that is organic and local whenever a choice is available, but also providing a physical environment and experience in spirit that is green to the core at all levels, embracing the most advanced and genuine sustainability practices in all aspects of its operation.

The experience: The goal is to provide the highest quality client experience at the most affordable price possible, in the local language or in English, at the client choice. We aim to provide food that is not only healthy, fresh, diverse and awesome looking, but that smells great and is a real treat to the taste buds. While people wait for menu items being prepared, our clients can read information provided on our menu booklets which educate them on health benefits of the various ingredients used in our menu selection and provide other useful information on nutrition and healthy living.

The people: The staff shares our vision and values, are fairly paid and treated with high respect and consideration to reduce staff turnover to the absolute minimum, are highly trained to be committed to deliver the highest possible quality service and customer experience. Many restaurants rely on cheap, temporary staff. We prefer do all we can to attract and retain full time committed people whom we can invest in and properly train. Our staff are not just employees but partners in the project, and we provide every member of our establishment team more than just the ability to get tips, thanks to performance bonuses and profit sharing.

The physical environment: Careful considerations are being made to ensure our facilities are as green as can be and that all equipment and products used are environmentally friendly and sustainable. We rely 100% on clean renewable energy, reusable utensils, low embodied energy construction material and furniture, low VOC paint, bio-degradable and non-toxic materials and cleaning products, and provide a low EMF and RFI environments (no smart meters, measures to reduce exposure to wifi radiations, etc.). We use electric vehicles and encourage their use by providing EV recharging capabilities at our restaurant parking. The restaurant features plenty of indoor plants and green outdoor space with lots of vegetation, a green patio, with plans for an ornamental plant and vegetable Greenhouse to be added in 2019. Our goal is turn the Jardin Regen facility on Alexandre Tache in Gatineau into a demonstration and pilot project for the Sustainable Tourism Environment Project of High Quality (STEP-HQ). We intend to turn this restaurant into a franchise business across Canada and internationally.

More on the Food: The food provided includes vegan and vegetarian options, as well as a choice of dishes made with organic eggs, organic meats from animals treated with respect and dignity and carefully selected fish.

Our meat comes from local organic farms where animals are treated with love and respect, not industrial confined animal operations where animals are treated without much care or respect and consideration for their basic needs, are (forced) fed dubious substances typically containing large amounts of genetically modified corn and soy or animal carcasses, and where massive use of antibiotics and hormones are common practices. Our fish comes from local aquaponic farms, and exclude predator fish where heavy metals and radiations tend to concentrate, seafood that filter water which now too often contains toxic contaminants, farm raised fish that are known to show high level of PCBs and are produced in highly polluting environments, or fish that are caught using modern industrial processes that result in massive fish stock failures and kill biodiversity.

We offer various food delivery approaches to keep the price affordable and reduce waste, including a buffet option and self serve drinks. We keep the menu options streamlined while offering enough variety and for this, we like to surprise and regularly change what is on the menu.

  • Conference dinners and workshops on health, nutrition, urban agriculture, green homes, spirituality
  • Early breakfast guided meditations with special music
  • Community meals for special occasions (thanksgiving, community events...)

We offer the possibility for local non-profits and charities that act in a field related to what we do to reserve and use at no rental cost our conference/training room to hold their meetings.

Some of the indoor and outdoor (Greenhouse) areas at Jardin Regen are to be used to grow our own vegetables and we have plans to add a demonstration aquaponic system in the greenhouse to the south of the building.