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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial/Mixed Real Estate

The mixed use residential/commercial “regenerative” neighbourhoods/village buildings feature a retail store or workshop on the first floor, and one or two upper floors with residential units for the operators of the business located on the first floor. These buildings are autonomous off-grid ready and feature green infrastructure for access roads, parking, but also sewage/waste management, and water.

These buildings use an integrated approach, with mixed-use low rise buildings and homes that will offer a great variety of sizes, shapes and appearance while allowing optimal passive and active solar energy. The design of these 'smart green plazas' combines the features of our pure residential developments, plus add features desirable for business operations. 

Below is an example of conceptual layout for a mixed use street that features a green smart plaza with 10 businesses. Based on the actual layout of the lot, this may be streets with for example 5 businesses facing 2 or 3 businesses on the other side and the balance on the other street (i.e.. The Hostel and Restaurant).